Friday, 26 June 2015

Brynna Woods and Llanharan Marsh

I trapped this site for the first time last night with an actinic on the edge of the marsh and the MV Robinson in the woods. Only half a dozen species in the actinic with small dotted buff probably the most interesting. About 50 species in the MV but that doesn't include quite a few tricky micros that i had to reluctantly let go due to the fact that it was a public moth morning and i didn't have time afterwards to go through them! When i got to the trap it was alive with geometrids and (not including escapees) i had a final count of 51 mottled beauties and 12 light emeralds which were the main culprits...

A few new for the year including a smart green oak tortrix and common lutestring with another Spatalistis bifasciana probably the best of the micros with also Anania crocealis, Lozotaenia forsterana, Aleimma loeflingiana, and Blastodacna hellerella.

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