Friday, 26 June 2015

Help with ID, Please

Last night I trapped at Pwll Waun Cynon nature reserve, just down the valley from my home. It was a reasonably good night, with temperatures higher than forecast, but also breezier than forecast, so the species count was limited to the mid sixties.
Of particular note were my first ever Poplar Grey and the second Blackneck for the site, proving that they are breeding there. This makes the reserve the only site outside of the vale and Gower to have records of this species.
I have been puzzling all day over two micros, which look really identifiable, but have finally got me stumped.

I at first thought this was Eidophasia messingiella, but it lacked the scales on the lower parts of the antennae. Could it be that the scales had worn off?

There were two of these and they were identical, but I have been completely unable to find an exact match for it. I'd be grateful for any suggestions.


  1. Eidophasia messingiella looks good - I suspect the others are too, but not checked in book.

  2. It's the banded antennae in the last one had me stumped, as much as anything, Barry.

  3. I think you are right about them all being E. messingiella. Thank you Barry.

  4. By a strange coincidence, we caught a messingiella with reduced white markings, just like yours, in the Wye Valley last week. See:

    The only similar photo I could find online was on the German lepiforum website.

  5. Thank you all. In that case, I had three messingiella, two of which had identically reduced white markings. Anyone know of a good hair restorer?