Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Cadoxton Ponds (Micros)

When i opened the trap i was faced with a rather daunting number of micros at first but the majority of those were taken up by Celypha lacunana (27) and Chrysoteuchia culmella (12) but there were at least 15 other species including Bramble shoot moth, Nematopogon metaxella, Pseudargyratoza conwagana, Agapeta hamana, Ancylis badiana, Eudonia pallida, Celypha striana, Elachista atricomella, Cyclamen tortrix and these which i'd like some help with please:
Firstly i'm fairly sure this is Anania perlucidalis:
1.Acrobasis consociella?

2.Cnephasia sp.

3.Cochylis hybridella

4.Coleophora peribenanderi

5.Metzeneria metzneriella

6.Faded Ptocheuusa paupella?

7.Scrobipalpa acuminatella
Thanks in advance!


  1. Wow first one looks like Anania perlucidella - not on computer, but suspect this might be new for Glam if not Wales?

  2. Sorry Vaughn I should have read your comments first - a rather too speedy check of blogs to blame - really fab record well done :-)

  3. Thanks Barry, i'm aware it's not in the Moths of Glam book so i'm optimistically hoping....(I also caught another one in the same trap)

  4. Hopefully Dave can confirm that!

    No 1 looks like Ephestia parasitella. Wouldn't like to make a call on the Coleophora from a photo. 6 is Mompha ochraceella I think. Agree with 2, 3, 5. Not sure about 7.

  5. Yes, it does look good for perlucidella - I'll take a closer look when I get home. On the others, I agree with George on the Coleophora and the Mompha. I wouldn't like to say on the Scrobipalpa without seeing it's naughty bits.

  6. The first VC35 records of perlucidalis came last year from Penallt, caught by Ian Rabjohns, but that's less than 5km from the border; Vaughn's record is remarkable!