Thursday, 11 June 2015

Parc Slip

Nigel set the trap this monday evening for an event he was running on tuesday and (slightly annoyingly) he had a much better catch than we did on saturday despite the weather not appearing much better. The highlight was a couple of lobster moths (i've only ever caught them once here before - another 2 last june) but plenty of others new for year: poplar grey was another species i've only ever caught once before, beautiful golden Y is always good to see, setaceous hebrew character, coronet, bright-line brown-eye and mottled beauty were the other new macros. There were a couple of micros too - a tiny Stigmella species which i'll try to download later and this other micro: apologies for quality but it's a photo of the back of my camera...
Is it a pale Carpatolechia proximella? If the photo is too poor i'll try and get it off my camera tonight.