Saturday, 13 June 2015

Llandaff North, last two nights

Like many others I haven't done a great deal of garden trapping this year due to largely unfavourable weather, so have generally restricted myself to GMS on Friday nights. The last two nights, however, were hard to resist with muggy evenings and the prospect of migrants. The latter were, as usual, disappointing, with just two Silver Y and two Diamond-backs last night. Where's my Striped Hawk-moth?

The two nights provided an interesting weather comparison, as dusk and dawn temperatures were very similar on both occasions, but Thursday night was dry with partly clear skies, whereas Friday night was very wet. The dry night produced 72 moths of 29 species, whereas the wet night resulted in 102 of 34 species. So it seems the moths don't mind the rain too much, at least on this occasion.

Nothing massively exciting to report, but I was pleased to finally get Pebble Prominent on the garden list! It's only taken 9 years. Other species not so often recorded here included Miller, Pale Tussock, May Highflyer and a smart male Pandemis cinnamomeana.
Pandemis cinnamomeana
There were 52 Heart and Darts last night, my 5th highest garden total, and I caught the increasingly common Argyresthia cupressella on both nights.

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  1. I`d love to say that your striped hawk-moth whizzed past me here in SE Carms., George!....but it did n`t!