Thursday, 26 July 2012

And a few more from Rhoose...

A very good catch last night with low 80's for the species count (still a few I need to look at).

Without a doubt the pick of the bunch were Small Ranunculus and Acleris logiana/kochiella.  I will pop a photo of both up later.  Would it be a good idea to dissect the Acleris Dave?

Others new for the garden record were:
  • Endothenia marginana
  • Gypsonoma dealbana
  • Ringed China-mark
  • Scoparia subfusca
  • Hypsopygia glaucinalis
  • Dot Moth
  • Dusky Sallow
  • July Highflyer
  • and finally what looks like Chilo phragmitella or Calomotropha paludella.  Again I'll post a pic of that one.
It's almost like the insect population has just been waiting for a bit of heat - there was also a huge variety of flies, lacewings, caddis, beetles (about 40 ground beetles flew in) and parasitic wasps.  Let's hope it stays like this!

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  1. Yes, probably best to send me the Acleris since we have so few records.