Thursday 26 July 2012

Llanishen Caddis

A good night in the trap last night, with lots of moths, but also a couple of Caddis that I thought I'd share for a change:

Lepidostoma hirtum is a pretty common species and pretty distinctive

And this big pale species is Oecetis lacustris
There are also a lot of Sericostoma personatum on the wing at the moment - a large chocolate coloured caddis with a venacular name of 'Welshman's Button'. I posted a photo of a male last year here.


  1. I guess that the caddisfly on your photo is Oecetis ochracea since you wrote big species. Oecetis lacustris is a small species with a wing length of only 6- 8 mm, but Oecetis ochracea 9 – 13 mm.
    Best wishes, Bo Gullefors

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  3. I was confident with the ID at the time as it was dissected.

  4. OK, but Oecetis lacustris is a small species.

  5. I should still have it, so will take another look at some point.