Sunday 22 July 2012

Werfa, Cwmbach

Last night, I ran my Skinner trap at a disused colliery site, at Werfa, Cwmbach. I trapped from 21:40 until 03:35 and under overcast skies, with a minimum temperature of 11.00C, recorded sixty species. While that was good going for this or any other recent July catches, just ten years ago I would have looked upon it as a very poor catch for the time of year and weather conditions.
Anyway, that was probably as good as it is going to get this year and the catch included not many Noctuids and didn't include any of the yellow underwings or darts.
Highlights included:
Caloptilia stigmatella, Epinotia brunnichana, Evergestis pallidata, Catoptria margaritella, Scoparia pyralella, Satin Lutestring, Large Emerald, Welsh Wave, Satin Beauty, Swallow-tailed Moth, Buff Footman, Beautiful Golden Y and Gold Spot.
The catch included a Tortricid that I think may be a Eucosma, but I'm unable to go much further with it, so apologies for the poor photo, as it shot of as the flash fired, when taking the first and only shot of it and I never saw it again, but suggestions of a possible I.D would be welcome. I wondered whether it might be E. conterminana, but is seems to be a bit out of its area for it to be that, though there was a small patch of Blue Lettuce (Lactuca perennis) about 100m away.

Epinotia brunnichana
George; I think this must be the culprit for those Birch leaf rolls, I found on this site, back in May.

Large Emerald

Gold Spot


Welsh Wave

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