Wednesday 25 July 2012

Llandaff North recent highlights

Slightly disappointing catches the last couple of nights, but the temperature has dropped to around 13.5 C each night, so not particularly barmy.

43 species on 23rd and 36 species last night. Two new species for the garden - Endothenia marginana and this Mompha, I can't decide whether it's propinqella or lacteella. The colouring seems to look better for lacteella, but there are only two county records of this. Any thoughts anyone?

Mompha propinquella / lacteella

Endothenia marginana
Better than all the moths was the Lord of the Flies, Tabanus sudeticus, in the trap on 23rd. I've usually seen these in the Welsh uplands, but did see one in Roath Park a few years ago. A real monster - wouldn't fancy a bite from one of those.

Tabanus sudeticus
Also my first damselfly in the garden today after 6 years here, Beautiful Demoiselle.


  1. I'd put my money on propinquella I think.

    Talking of scary flies, I had a Tachina Fera in the trap a while back, a big ugly yellow hairy beast.

  2. I've got one of these Mompha's as well and will dissect it when I get the chance. The markings fit propinquella, but the colour of the thorax fits lacteella.

  3. Thanks chaps - I guess I'll have to dissect it to be sure. It's new for ST17 either way.