Tuesday 9 October 2012

Aberdare Ivy Blossom 2

I bit damp and drizzly, so not such a good night at the ivy blossom, but in half an hour I had the following species:

1 x Lesser Yellow Underwing.
1 x Autumnal Rustic.
1 x Chestnut.
4 x Angle Shades.
1 x Silver Y.

Only a small fraction of the ivy blossom is in flower as yet, but as more of it opens for business, things should become more productive. Having not had much to do with checking ivy blossom for years, I'd almost forgotten how exciting it could be. As much as anything, it's the feeling of anticipation as one closes in on a patch in full bloom and becomes enveloped in a heady cloud of ivy scent: magical!

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