Wednesday 24 October 2012

Rhoose last night

10 species  here last night.  Figure of 8 the highlight; according to Mapmate this will be the 19th Glamorgan record of this species.  Also Green Brindled Crescent, 10 Black Rustic and 5 Pale form Silver Y (f. pallida rather than f. gammina) which suggests that despite the NE winds, a few migrants may be about?

And another Harvestman (pic below).  This time I am reasonably confident it is Opilio saxatilis, which according to Mapmate will be the 3rd Glamorgan record. 

Figure of Eight

Opilio saxatilis

Ichneumon wasp

I forgot to add this photo this morning.  I see plenty Ichneumon wasps here, but usually much earlier in the year.  This was notable due to its size (body about 45mm ) but also its almost impossibly narrow waist.  I wish the same was true for me these days!  I know they are very tricky to pin down to species level, but I will pop it onto iSpot just in case.


  1. The Figure of 8 that Phil Stirling brought up from Dorset on Saturday was the first I'd seen since moving to Wales. Another good record from Rhoose!

  2. Last night I had 3 Silver Y of the dark form - very different from the 2 small pale ones I had the previous night. I suspect these were newly arrived rather than home grown.


  3. Lovely Figure of Eight; wish I'd seen that! Apart from Phil's I've only ever seen one before and I lived in Dorset!