Sunday 21 October 2012

Rhoose Point

Only 5 species in the trap this morning, but the catch included l-album Wainscot, November Moth and 6 Feathered Ranunculus.  The latter seem to be having a very good year!

The moth below is worn, but I think it's probably a Sallow, f. obseleta given its lack of wing markings, although it is smaller than most Sallow I have seen.

Finally another harvestman.  3 of these running about close to the trap last night, and I am reasonably confident that I am looking at Odiellus spinosus.  NBN gateway suggests (assuming that all the data is present and reliable, and I know it often isn't!) these have a mainly SE England distribution, with only a handful of Welsh records from the N Wales coast.  

Having taken a closer look at this, it does have a single claw/spine at the end of the pedipalp and an arrangement of spines along the femur closely akin to these pics;  Unfortunately it is so tiny I don't think there is a realistic prospect of me getting a better photo than the one to the left!


  1. Looks good for Odiellus spinosus to me, but features you need to check that aren't clear in the photos are size (this is the largest British species) and the presence of ventral spines on the femur of the pedipalp (just about see this in the photo). A good record.

    1. I'll see if I can get a better photo of the pedipalps tomorrow, but it is stretching the capabilities of my camera!

      It is a big 'un though, about 9.5mm long with the pedipalps held close to the body.

    2. A quick question Barry. Are there any Arachnid guides you would recommend? Preferably with good pics in!

    3. I'll check later, but I think 9.5 mm rules out most other species.
      Other than harvestmen, which I only really dabble with, I've not spent much time looking at spiders. I have the Collins spider field guide which I think is very good and would recommend. Otherwise not a clue to be honest. See what the British Arachnid site has to say on the subject.

    4. Many thanks Barry - I will probably order a copy of the Collins Guide as it is a tenner off on Amazon at the moment, though I do resent funding tax avoiders!

      On another point, I presume I shouldn't just put this record into mapmate as I would with the more run of the mill finds. Can I put you down as determiner, or would it need to be someone more specialist?