Saturday 13 October 2012

Mystery caterpillar

This was lying on the roof of the car in torrential rain on Thursday evening. It looked dead but has perked up and been eating ornamental cherry, which is what the car was parked under. It is large at 57mm but I can't find it in Porter or on Reg fry's site at ukleps.
On ornamental cherry. 57mm
Anyone got any ideas?


  1. ...but the head does look like Peppered, and the size is right. Not sure about the rest of it though.

  2. It does not show the bumps on seg8 very well at all, but I think you're right with Peppered Moth. Worth rearing it on to be sure - I find they often turn funny colours when they're about to pupate.

  3. Thanks Barry, I'll try to get it through.