Friday, 22 April 2016

Creigiau last night

Box out for GMS last night - 28 moths of 10 species, 4 of which were new for the year. Similar to Vaughn at Parc Slip, close to half the total was Common Quaker.

The NFY moths comprised Brown House Moth, Early Tooth-striped, a tired looking Pebble Prominent and a pristine Water Carpet.

Pebble Prominent
Water Carpet


  1. I ran mine last night too, Howard. Three Common Quakers and a Hebrew Character is all I got. This has got to be the worst spring I can remember for moths and other lepidoptera. I still haven't seen a butterfly in the valley and I am not alone.

  2. It has warmed up a bit here this week, with night time temperatures no lower than 8C. This seems to have brought out the moths and other insects in the garden. Very few butterflies yet, although have seen a variety (Peacock, Brimstone, Small White, Small Tortoiseshell & Speckled Wood) in the local hedgerows and, particularly, around Forest Farm.

  3. I ran my trap again, last night; this time for the GMS and did a little better, with six moths of five species. This has been a very slow spring, here. We seem to be lagging a month behind in the feel of it (if you get my drift) although the plants seem to be more or less in sync with the season, so that it looks like April, it still feels like March and some of the insect fauna obviously feels that way about it too. I hate El Nino years!