Saturday, 26 March 2011

A good catch on Friday night at Rhoose Point, both volume and variety!
  • Twin spotted quaker (1)

  • Common Quaker (21)

  • Clouded Drab (4)

  • Double Striped Pug (4)

  • Hebrew Character (8)

  • Early Grey (4)

  • Early Thorn (5)

  • March Moth (1)

  • Streamer (1)

  • Dark Chestnut (1)

  • Small Quaker (2)

  • Small Waved Umber (1)

  • Emmelina monodactyla (3)
    and a very small moth, (approx 8mm long) possibly Agonopterix rotundella - photo below, can anyone help with an id?

Here is a pic of the small waved umber:

And finally the Streamer:


  1. I wouldn't call it very small, but it is Agonopterix rotundella!

  2. Must be a good record - first modern record for East Glamorgan?

  3. It's the first record for East Glam, and only the second modern for the whole county.

  4. Thanks Dave and GMT. Perhaps not very small I admit,but I was fending off bigger mosquitoes at the time!

  5. Distracted by the Agonopterix, I didn't notice that this is the earliest VC41 record for Small Waved Umber by three weeks!