Sunday 27 March 2011

Gorseinon garden

A reasonable catch in the garden with Zelleria hepariella being new for the garden, along with our first Powdered Quaker of the year.

We also caught a Grey Shoulder-knot, and when checking on MapMate were confused to find that although the trinomial was accepted when entering the record, only binomials were displayed on the system and I was unable to trace any of my previous records! I wonder if this 'bug' is restricted to Grey Shoulder-knot? I'd also  like to know how to fix this if anyone can help?


  1. I don't think this is restricted to GS-k. I've got various custom queries that give you all the results for a species regardless of which name is used to enter, but this doesn't work from the 'Trace' method. I can send you the SQL if you want.

  2. Yes Dave that would be great, but is there a way to display them on the maps too?