Wednesday 2 October 2013

Mecyna asinalis?

Am I right in thnking that this is a weakly marked example of Mecyna asinalis?

Also a single Pale Mottled Willow a couple of nights ago which could be another migrant?


  1. Yes, looks good for M asinalis. Presumably resident on the coast down your way.

    16 species last night (2nd) was a great catch for my garden in October, but nothing particularly notable. Migrants comprised Silver Y and Diamond-back (also Prays ruficeps - not sure if this is a migrant or not).


  2. Yes Adam, I'm sure that is asinalis, and as George says it may well be resident with you.

  3. A colony was discovered of Madder Pearl [B&F1397] at Bull Cliff, The Knap in 1999 and subsequently at other sites along the coast. It is quite widespread along the south Gower coast. A nice garden tick Adam.

  4. Thanks all. This probably answers the question about what's been mining the Madder round here then!