Monday 7 October 2013


Some pics from Jenny Colley who's been getting in on the migrant action too, with 3 Vestals on the 6th, plus a nice pic of Autumn Green Carpet, a very scarce species in the county, and one I'm still waiting to see here. A chunk of our 31 records are monopolised by Mark in Cwmbach. Any migrant activity in the north Mark?

A query now - this was amongst a batch of micro photos Jenny sent me mid-August for Id and I can't figure it out - I've considered Eudemis porphyrana and various Celypha, but am struggling, so any help appreciated.


  1. Eudemis profundana looks a good match.

  2. Thanks again George - you're on good form ;)

  3. Only recognised it because my dad sent me a photo of one recently.