Wednesday 16 October 2013

Parc Slip

The night turned out rather wetter (and windier) than I had anticipated so I wasn't expecting much when I checked the trap first thing this morning. Commonest moth was November/Pale November/Autumnal (6) followed by flounced chestnut (2), green-brindled crescent, red-line quaker, red-green carpet, grey pine carpet and this rather lovely micro:
Is it Caloptilia elongella or C. betulicola?


  1. Wouldn't like to make a call on that one from a photo, they're a tricky pair and hard enough 'in the flesh'.

    Glad you're still catching a few moths. I haven't trapped for a while but noticed a late Garden Carpet on the Co-op in Llandaff North yesterday.

  2. I'd like to see it from beneath!

  3. OK, thanks both - I'll know for next time. It took me ages to get a photo of it the right way up too - from the amount of time it spent on the lid of the petri dish it's almost as if it wanted me to take a photo from underneath (unfortunately I didn't...)