Friday 4 October 2013

Rudry-Need help!

 Some moths from last  night .Is this a Dark chestnut?
 No idea on this one, forewing length about10mm.Can anyone provide assistance please?.
Finally, is this Oak Nycteoline?FL11mm.The slight 'bell'shape is a product of the curve in the tube!
Also last night 15 species including Beaded chestnut,Merveille du Jour and new to me Acleris emargana.Thanks in advance for help!


  1. Hi Trevor
    Chestnut for the first, second one is a nicely marked Epiphyas postvittana and the third you are indeed correct.

    1. Thanks for that! I thought the first looked like a mix between dark chestnut and chestnut.I have had a good number of Light brown Apple moth all looking very like the BWP micro moth guide so caught out by that one!As Meatloaf almost said ,much appreciated.'one out of 3 aint bad!'Thanks for help