Saturday 5 October 2013


3 Rush Veneer, several Silver Y last night plus what I think is probably a Pearly Underwing.  I will check it later! 

Also a late Light Emerald, Red-green Carpet and a Gold Triangle, the latter two garden firsts.  Eudonia pallida too, which has appeared a few times this year for the first time. If I get a chance I will post a pic or two tomorrow.


  1. The Pearly Underwing is just a funny looking Dark Sword-grass!

  2. Adam, good characters for Pearly Underwing are the strong thoracic crest and the tiny white dot on the wing base either side of the thorax. It may be worth checking your Eudonia for angustea as this is far more likely this late, these are very long and narrow making id fairly straight forward.