Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Coegnant coal spoil, Nantyffyllon 26 June.


                                 Odd Clouded bordered brindle?

                                 Crambus pratella

                                Epinotia signatana 4.  Only 3 records of this in TMOG.

                                148 species in total identified, with 4 new for the valley list
                                and 12 new for the KM square. Highlights were 29 Elephant
                                hawkmoth, 26 Buff arches, Light arches, Small mottled willow,
                                Round winged muslin, Poplar grey, Rosy footman, Epiblema
                                costipunctana, Calamotropha palludella, catoptria margaritella
                                and Coleophora trifolii.

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