Monday, 19 June 2017

Llandaff - Garden - 18th June

A roasting day along with a very toasty evening. It was almost 18C at 4 am here in Llandaff.

The trap was flooded by literally hundreds and hundreds of caddis flies, from around 11:30 pm.

There were some very nice moths, but I think the reason for the total amount of moths overall may have been casued by the vast amount of caddis flies. They were causing the moths insde the trap to fly around and out of the trap. That being said the highlights were, another Plain Golden Y, two gorgeous Scarce Silver-lines, a Red-necked Footman and a Scarlet Tiger. The latter two being new to the garden.

A couple of micros I still have to do my best to Identify.


  1. Nice catch Stephen. RN Footman would new for my garden.

  2. Nice stuff Stephen. Across the river in Llandaff North we had the huge caddis numbers too (a buff-coloured species with long antennae). I also had Scarce Silver-lines last night but have never had R-n footman here. Scarlet Tiger is now breeding in and around our garden.

  3. Bah! There was me thinking Scarlet Tiger was great catch and you have them breeding at yours :) Hoping one of these micros is decent.

  4. ST would have been a great catch a couple of years ago but seems to be spreading in North Cardiff.

    I'm jealous of your footman anyway!