Sunday, 11 June 2017

Creigiau - 09 June

The light rain came in earlier than forecast but the wind eased and so all in all it wasn't a bad night. 31 species came in including Dingy Shell (I usually get one visit a year in August so this one is a little early), Ghost Moth, Green Pug and Pine Carpet. Also had a well marked Double-striped Pug and the first Eudonia sp of the year - I'm thinking E. lacustrata and E. mercurella for these (but I may be wrong ... ).


  1. The first Eudonia is certainly lacustrata. I did wonder if the second might be a poorly-marked delunella, but I think you're right with mercurella.

  2. Thanks George. Best to sort these little beasties early as I'll be seeing loads of the soon ......