Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Creigiau - Sunday night

A respectable box on a much cooler Sunday night - 38 species with 8 new for the year, comprising Bird-cherry ermine, Celypha striana, Dark Arches, Dot Moth, Fern, Ingrailed Clay, Snout and Rustic/Uncertain,
Stuck on two, a plain orange-ish tortrix and a distinctively marked tortrix - both are eluding me at the moment. Grateful for further assistance.


  1. The first is Clepsis consimilana (note the two dark marks on the trailing edge of the wing). Not sure about the's pretty worn. Might be Hedya nubiferana?

  2. Thanks George. Hadn't noticed those two dark spots - something to look out for. I had the other one pencilled in as a possible Hedya sp, I'll leave it at that and mention H. nubiferana in the comments.