Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Parc Slip

We had our 5th highest ever haul of moths on monday night with 360+ moths of 94 species (not including those that escaped - the trap was full of lively geometrids...). Lots of lovely moths as you'd expect at this time of year with highlights being our first ever Rhyacionia pinivorana and shears. There was also our second ever july belle, Tinea semifulvella and figure of eighty. Other species that we've hardly ever caught before: red-necked footman (3rd and 4th ever), beautiful carpet (3rd ever), bordered white and small yellow wave. Plenty of others obviously with Argolamprotes micella always nice to see and double line was our most numerous species with 21...thanks to Paul for being there to help with some of the numerous micros!

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