Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Bumper night in Llanishen

There were over 70 species in the trap last night and although a few of them will be new to the garden list, albeit mainly micros - and I do really mean micros too! The two that stand out are Ectoedemia decentella, and what looks like Stigmella samiatella (I need to see the hindwings to be certain). Also Yponomeuta rorrella was a nice surprise. Quite a lot of Caddis too including good numbers of Sericostoma personatum and a small Rhycophilid I have yet to name. This has probably taken me over 500 Lep species for the garden.

Yponomeuta rorrella
Sericostoma personatum

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  1. Hadn't realised Ectoedemia decentella was first for VC41, as well as my 500th garden Lep species.