Friday 22 July 2011


Just 39 species in the garden trap last night and strangely the most abundant species was Timothy Tortrix (Aphelia paleana) with 33 counted with numerous other likely specimens flying off before I could identify them. Next commonest was Dark Arches (11). Still a few tardy migrants with 2 each of Udea ferrugalis, Dark Sword-grass and Silver Y. A Slender Brindle, but little else of interest.


  1. That's an amazing number of paleana. I had 34 species in Llandaff North, commonest were Chrysoteuchia culmella (11) and Riband Wave (9).

  2. Chris in north Carms had an invasion of paleana a week ago, and there were many 10s on the wing at Cors Goch Llanllwch at the same time. They are clearly having a bumper year.