Tuesday 5 July 2011

An exciting migrant....

....but out of county I'm afraid!

I'm finally back from SPBF surveys in North Wales, and have been rather jealously looking through the recent postings about migrant moths. However, I didn't entirely miss out, as on 28 June I chanced across an unusual looking plume flitting about in an unprepossessing marshy field near Bala. Andrew Graham has confirmed it as Oxyptilus laetus - probably only the second Welsh record of this Mediterranean species. Thanks to Janet Graham for the photo:

I've also seen Forester moth on 6 sites in Merioneth - they seem quite a bit commoner up there than down here.


  1. Nice one George, what a great record.
    Frustratingly the evening I was setting up the traps down at Nitten I disturbed an Oxyptilus-type plume, which at the time got me quite excited as I was aware there'd been a few laetus around. Unfortunately I was pot-less and net-less at the time and was unable to nab it. Let's hope that one of us picks one up in Glamorgan over the next week or two as I doubt there will be too many occasions to add this one to the county list.

  2. That's unlucky Barry - I bet it was laetus.