Thursday 28 July 2011


70 spp. in the garden trap last night with Large Yellow Underwing (49) finally taking over as the commonest species, with Dark Arches (17) now dropping to third, behind Common Rustic agg. (19).  Yponomeuta represented by 10 evonymella, 2 rorella & 1 padella/malinellus. Is it just me or has Epiphyas postvittana become scarcer during the last two years? Only my third record of the year today, this being one more than last year! I wonder if the cold winters have reduced their numbers?


  1. The numbers in my garden have fallen considerably since 2009. This year I have had 19 recs with a max of 5 back in mid May.

  2. They certainly don't like the cold. I've had very few this year.