Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Llandaff North 25th July

An excellent catch of 52 species last night, the highlight being a Maple Pug:

According to my MapMate this the first county record for 10 years. It sooned dawned on me that my worn "Haworth's Pug" from 20th July (see earlier post) was also this species (oops), and I had another worn one on 22nd (dissected today).

Also last night Galium Carpet new for the garden:

plus Old Lady, Rosy Footman, Perinephela lancealis and Caloptilia stigmatella.


  1. George, my pug was definately Haworth's as it had the distinctive reddish band on the upper abdomen & throax and the cross lines were a perfect match for this species and it was a fresh specimen - which helped. I will keep a look out for Maple Pug in my garden especially with 'worn' looking specimens. Jake.

  2. Jake - I think they're easy enough to tell when fresh. The thing that confused me with the worn one was the orange on the abdomen - I didn't realise Maple and Slender pugs also have this, though more extensive than on Haworth's, but much less bright (more orange-brown). I got another worn one last night which I think is Maple but I'll dissect to be sure.

    Not much Field Maple round my way - maybe they're using Norway Maple?