Sunday 27 May 2012

Amelia farm pics


Gold Swift

Wood Carpet rather than Common Carpet?

Bactra lacteana/lanceolana?
Syndemis musculana?
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Dichrorampha acuminatana?


I can see a number of possibilities for this one including Epinotia tedella, Epinotia nanana, and Ancylis subarcuana.  Are any of those correct?

Completely stumped by this one.  Can anyone help?


  1. The bottom one is another Bactra. Syndemis masculana is right. The undet one looks like Epinotia tedella. Gold Swift is a good record - we only get a couple of these a year in the county.

  2. Many thanks Dave. Glad some of my wild guesses are getting a bit closer to the mark. The Farm was swarming with moths - I ended up coming home a bit earlier as I ran out of pots! I will definately return there later in the summer...