Sunday 27 May 2012


2 MV traps left overnight at Llanrhidian last night produced 48 species including 2 Light Brown Apple Moths (23 at home the night before, so back up in number compared to previous years), Epinotia tedella, Figure of Eighty, Small Seraphim, 3 Least Black Arches, 25 Flame Shoulders (commonest species), 13 Dog's-teeth (tooth's?!), Campion, Coronet and Nicrophorus vespillo (at least I think so, as there a few yellow hairs towards the rear of the thorax [not very clear in this photo, but clearly attached hairs and not scales under a lens]). Hind tibia only mildly curved, but apparently this is often the case with vespillo). 14 Cockchafers.
Nicrophorus vespillo
PS. No Heart and Darts at Llanrhidian, but 5 at home the night before.

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