Friday 25 May 2012

Amelia Trust Farm, Barry

First time trapping in woodlands and wet meadow at the Amelia Trust Farm on 24/5.  Conditions were very warm and humid, giving not only a good catch of moths, but also cockchafers (over 20) and ichneumonid wasps.  Picking large beetles off my clothes and hair soon lost its novelty...

However, that was more than made up for by the abundance of moths.  30 identified species in total taken in a little over 2 hours (it took a long time to get dark!). Things new for the year and highlights included:

  • 23 Green Carpet
  • 12 Small Phoenix
  • 3 Scalloped Hazel
  • 1 female Gold Swift
  • 5 Clouded Silver
  • 3 Silver-ground Carpet
  • 4 White Ermine
  • 2 Common Wave
  • 1 Straw Dot
  • 1 The Campion
  • 1 Wood Carpet
  • 2 Rivulet
  • Bactra lancealana/lacteana
  • Ancylis geminana/diminutana
There are a couple of micros still in the fridge that I need to look at, and I will try to pop a few photos up tomorrow.

Interestingly I didn't see a single Light Brown Apple Moth.

The Farm is an educational charity with about 40 acres of mature woodland and quite varied habitat. I will probably be returning later in the summer.

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  1. Lots of cockchafers at Coed Cae Pica on the same night. Embarrassed to admit it, but they give me the creeps. I'll put up with so many but when numbers on the sheet reached c30 at 11.30pm, it was shut up shop time for Tony. Thankfully not one latched onto me.