Monday 13 August 2012

Gorseinon & Burry Holms

Similar catch to yesterday, just 3 species less, but 22 additional to yesterday's list. This morning's highlight was a second generation female Small Argent & Sable, another new one for the garden list and SS59. Still yet to show its upperwing, but hopefully it will eventually pose a for a photo...
...eventually it did:

Last Friday we stayed over on Burry Holms and although we never took the moth traps we did spend 45mins inspecting Ragwort flowers between 1015-1100pm and saw the following recording 6 new species for SS39 (marked *) taking the total for the square up to 78:

*Six-spot Burnet 4
 Rusty-dot Pearl 1
 Meadow Brown 3
 Single-dotted Wave 15
 Red Twin-spot Carpet 1
*Tissue 2
 Lime-speck Pug 4
 Willow Beauty 1
 White-line Dart 25
 Flame Shoulder 2
 Large yellow Underwing 4
 Least Yellow Underwing 6
*Square-spot Rustic 2
*Smoky Wainscot 1
 Straw Underwing 12
 Dark Arches 1
*Cloaked Minor 50
 Common Rustic agg. 2
*Flounced Rustic 1
 Silver Y 12
The following morning Agdistis meridionalis was also recorded on the eastern part of the island, new for SS49.

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