Sunday 5 August 2012

Rhoose Point

 A bit better last night with 39 species. 

 I think this is Striped Wainscot which would be new for the garden.

Female Oak Eggar.  Two of these.

Dark Arches  f. aethiops.  The first of this form I have seen.  Curious to know if  anyone else gets them?


  1. Looks like a Smoky to me Adam, but can't rule out Southern altogether from this image.

  2. I'd also go for Smoky Wainscot.

  3. Thanks guys - Smoky it is!

    Incidentally I saw several Oak Eggar males flying around the garage door a few hours after I had put the trap away. Presumably the females must have left a trace of pheromone behind in there! Incredible how sensitive their antennae must be.

    Have you returned now Dave? If so I'll put those two moths in the post.

  4. Yes, I'm back now so feel free to stick them in the post.