Sunday 19 August 2012

Werfa, Cwmbach

My plan to run my Skinner trap at Upper Tirfounder Fields was scuppered by flooding, so a plan B was hastily concocted and I trapped at Werfa colliery site instead. The 125w MV was run from 21:00 until 02:40.
The weather was mainly dry, cloudy and humid, with a minimum of 15 C, but a shower at 01:30 and a few spits and spots after that, urged the decision to start knocking the trap down something that took over an hour.
Given the almost ideal weather conditions, the number of species recorded (50) was a little disappointing and Noctuids in particular were few in number.
The highlights of the session were my first VC41 Blue Bordered Carpets (4), my second ever Double Kidney and thirteen Black Arches. The first two of the latter were two females that arrived together, shortly after the trap was started, the other eleven being males that arrived over the next two hours. Were they, I wonder, attracted by the females rather than the light? The other highlights for me were:
Apotomis betuletana
Zeiraphera isertana
Large Emerald
Devon Carpet
Bleached Pug
Lesser Swallow Prominent
Buff Footman
Dingy Footman

Blue Bordered Carpet (new SO00)

One or two of the other Blue Bordered Carpets were fresher than this one, but this was the only one I had the chance to photograph. I can't believe I've not had this species in Glamorgan before.

Black Arches (male)

Angle Shades feeding on honeydew
 While wandering about the site, with my camera, I came across this Angle Shades feeding on honeydew, on a Sallow.

Double Kidney

Egg on a String. Any ideas?

Also on Sallow, I came across a couple of these eggs on long tethers, I'm sure I've seen pictures of something similar to this before, but can't remember what or where. If anybody thinks they know what insect species is responsible, I'd be grateful.


  1. Just a thought about the 'Egg': it isn't a fungal fruiting body, is it?

  2. Mark _ I suspect it's a lacewing that's laid the egg and I haven't seen a Blue-bordered Carpet since 2008!

  3. Yes, Barry is right, this is a lacewing egg. Exquisite!

  4. Blue-bordered Carpet isn't new to SO00, the Mapmate message indicated so is due to the previous records going in under the tri-nomial name.

  5. Thanks for your help, both of you.