Friday 17 August 2012

Rhoose this afternoon

Lots of Shaded Broad-bar on the wing around Rhoose this afternoon, and a few Rush Veneer and Silver Y, so I wonder if the recent weather front may have brought in some migrants?  Unless the wind dies down a bit I doubt it will be worth me putting the trap out though, but folk in more sheltered spots may have more luck!


  1. I hope you're right about the migrants Adam - I'm just about to go to Cornwall for a week...

  2. Have a good time George - I'll be off to West Wales soon! Good to meet you the other day by the way!

  3. You may be lucky, Adam. Both the met office and the BBC are forecasting the wind to drop right off, this evening, as it veers from Southerly to a more Northerly direction, so if there are any migrants down there with you, the Northerly breeze will probably mean you are likely to keep them there.