Thursday 23 August 2012

Pale Footman

Dave, here's one of the specimens I identified as Hoary last week from Nitten that I happened to take a record shot of in the trap. I also had Scarce in the same catch and to me they look totally different using the external characters given in the usual field guides. The silky appearance appears quite distinctive in addition to the lack of a costal stripe. I did check the underwing the first few times I encountered Hoaries locally, but haven't done since as they appear so distinct. I can't find reference elsewhere to pale Scarce Footman so would be interested if you have more info on a hoary form of this species. If you have a photo of your specimen I'd also be interested to see that too. Hope you agree this is Hoary, otherwise I'll have to pend this and previous records!

1 comment:

  1. You are probably right Barry, but your photo doesn't look that different to mine. I caught lots of Scarce Footman in France and about half of them were what I believe to be the pale form - I wish now that I'd collected some to make sure they weren't Hoary!