Saturday, 1 September 2012

Acrolepia autumnitella at Llanrhidian

Occupied blotch mines of this poorly recorded species are very prominent on Bittersweet at the moment.


  1. Nice photo Barry.

    I saw lots of these mines on Somerset levels recently - almost every plant seemed to be occupied.

    Worth noting Scobipalpa costella also mines Bittersweet, but the larva has a black head.


    1. also the mine of costella typically smaller, has frass and is attached to the midrib.

  2. Talking of high occupancy rates, around 70% of the teasel heads here are host to one or more larvae; either feeding on the seeds (which I think is Cochylis roseana) or the central core, which are probably Endothenia marginana or gentianaeana?

  3. Does anyone know what might be mining the stems of Hemp Agrimony by the way?

  4. Possibly the Hemp-agrimony Plume (Adaina microdactyla). It is quite common and made obvious from now on by the swelling with exit hole, at a joint in the stem.

  5. Adam - if don't already know about it, check out

  6. Thanks Mark - I'll keep an eye out for the holes!

    And thanks Barry, that looks like a very useful resource. Incidentally, after seeing your post on Gower Wildlife on harvestmen, I keep seeing them everywhere now! Two next to the trap on Friday night including another Dicranopalpus, and several others on my local rambles.

  7. Only 23 spp in UK so a nice group to look at this time of year

  8. I've just ordered the FSC laminated sheet on Harvestmen so hopefully I'll be able to work out which one I'm looking at soon!