Friday 21 September 2012

Query for Adam

My gear has now arrived and I need to ask you a couple of electrical questions. Can you email or text me your phone number and when it would be best to call (this evening if possible)?
My details are 07730 502738 or


  1. Hi Adam, no email received, but no worries I managed to sort out the wiring and all is working well - I now need to make a suitable holding box for it.

  2. Hi Barry, Surprised the email didn't arrive. Just checked the email address and it looks OK, and didn't get one of those undeliverable messages so if you don't receive any other emails you are expecting it might be worth checking to see if there is something odd going on? Anyway, am glad you got it working. I must admit to a slightly nervous moment when I flicked the switch on mine for the first time in the absence of any wiring instructions! Does yours hum and rattle a bit until it's warmed up?