Monday, 10 September 2012

Rhoose Point

This Bulrush Wainscot and a Vapourer Moth will take my garden record species count up to 367 in two years of trapping at this site.  In reality it would probably be a bit higher than that as I didn't put a lot of effort into micros in the first 12 months or so.  That would put my garden broadly on a par with Dave and Barry's in terms of species richness.

Just for Barry's info really - two Harvestmen so far which look like Lacinius ephippiatus and Platybunus triangularis to my untutored eye.  I think I need a more powerful magnifying glass though!


  1. I think 367 species is a very good total after two years Adam, especially as 2012 has been a poor year.

    Given your coastal location maybe you could eventually challenge Barry's 700 species - if you don't move house for another 15 years!


  2. It's a bit less than 367 as discussion with Dave has revealed I should have been using the 'True species' query in Mapmate and not the general one. Having said that, I haven't included any butterfly records which would probably add another 10 to 15, plus a few I have recorded under 'micro sp' with a comment so it's probably not far off!

    If I get 400 by the end of next year I'll be very happy!