Saturday 1 September 2012

Lavernock LNR

A two hours and 15 minutes session at Lavernock with my dad last night produced a list of 44 species at two MV lights. The macros weren't particularly exciting, the best of the bunch being Oak Nycteoline, Centre-barred Sallow, Gold Spot and Broad-bordered YU.

The micros were much better however, with quite a few species new to ST16: Cochylis molliculana (2), Phtheochroa inopiana (6), Epermenia falciformis, Ptocheuusa paupella and Oidaematophorus lithodactyla (Dusky Plume).

Cochylis molliculana
Dusky Plume

Meanwhile at Llandaff North I had Cypress Pug new for the garden and four Old Ladies (which I think equals the highest total recorded in VC41 in one night).
Cypress Pug


  1. You're just showing off with your Old Ladies now! Some nice micro records too.

  2. To add to Barry's jocularity with a minor bit of pedantry, Lavernock is not a Local Nature Reserve [LNR], although it could be now that it is owned by the Vale. LNRs being a legal designation for nature reserves owned by but not necessarily managed by local authorities.

    It has been managed as a nature reserve for almost 50 years by the Wildlife Trust, through several changes in land ownership, with the voluntary reserve manager for the first 10 years up until 1975 being one Col. H. Morrey Salmon, before John Zehetmayr took over for the next 35+ years.


  3. Thanks Nigel, I stand corrected!


  4. Apologies George. The Trusts have been hiding their efforts under a bucket for the best part of a century, Have a look at I am glad you had a useful visit to Parc Slip, whose origins are a minor Ajax Lewis phantasy.

    Kind regards