Monday, 10 September 2012

More harvestmen...

Any ideas on these Barry?  I now think both id's are wrong, and I fear that not only do I need a better lens, but a better camera too!

Having looked at this one again, I'm now wondering if it isn't Phalangium opilio too?

I thought this one might be L ephippiatus because f the distinctive 3 pronged trident, but as you say it does seem to be an earlier species...


  1. Not sure about the first one but the second is worth checking for L. spinosus

  2. That should be Odiellus spinosus sorry

  3. It does look right for O spinosus, but I released them after taking the photos unfortunately, and I don't think the photos are good enough to reach a confident answer. I'll just have to go and look for some more!