Sunday 16 September 2012


I've not seen either of these in the garden for over 10 years:
Not a common species in the county with just 57 records, this looks good for September Thorn to me, the only doubt being that the outer line is a bit more kinked than you'd like, but only where the wing is photographed obliquely (any comments welcome) I last saw this in the garden in 2000.
With 239 county records of Mouse Moth this is not an uncommon species, but it was last recorded in the garden as far back as 2001.


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  2. Mouse Moth here too on 2/9, and I see they are on the Section 42 list for Wales, so possibly declining?

  3. Yes Mouse moth is one that has shown a significant decline - we only get a handful of records per year now whilst it used to be reasonably regularly recorded.

  4. Oh, and I agree that it's a September Thorn by the way!