Tuesday, 25 September 2012

July moths - Llandaff North

Given the weather's been largely unsuitable for trapping of late, I've taken the opportunity to catch up with a few dissections from the summer. Most have turned out to be fairly humdrum species, but the two I dissected last night, from 25th July, were species new for the Cardiff area: Monochroa cytisella and Coleophora tamesis.

M cytisella is a bracken feeder so not entirely unexpected, given there's bracken on the Taff riverbank 500 yards from the garden, and I get the odd Brown Silver-line. But C tamesis feeds on Jointed Rush, which I've never seen in Cardiff though it may occur at Forest Farm or somewhere similar, or maybe it was a wanderer from further afield.

In addition to the above, a third specimen from the same night turned out to be Ocnerostoma friesei, new for ST17.

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