Thursday 5 September 2013

Early Large Ranunculus in Roath

A Large Ranunculus this am, is my earliest ever for this species in the garden. There are a couple earlier in VC41, 15.viii.1979 on Gower & one reared on from larva by GMT 29.viii.2011. This year has also been the best for two other species in the garden: Cypress Pug & Yellow-barred Brindle. 


  1. That is early Jake - I don't usually get them until late September. I've trapped the last 2 nights and not caught any.

    Incidentally, the larva I reared in 2011 was found on Aquilegia.

    Cypress Pug and Yellow-barred Brindle have also had good years in Llandaff North.

  2. I had a Cypress Pug in the trap this morning, and also a couple of Heart and Dart which were the latest record of that species for me.