Friday 6 September 2013

Wednesday night 4th September

Weather promised some late summer so popped out to Bryn Tip at the last minute.
50 species including 16 Feathered Gothic, with 6 on one egg box in the actinic, 3 Hedge Rustic, 4 Anomalous, 12 Autumnal Rustic, a late Antler, Dark Sword Grass etc.
Also a couple of small queries, possibly Gelechiidae,  suggestions welcome.

Query 1. 4mm long

Query 2. 6mm. Maybe a form of Teleiopsis diffinis?

Feathered Gothic

Hedge Rustic


  1. The first one looks like Elachista canapennella. Not sure about the gelechiid.

  2. I agree with George on both counts!

  3. Thanks very much. I'll probably just leave out the Gelechid.

  4. It just occurred to me that it looks like Scrobipalpa costella.

  5. Thanks George. Yes, and I even had one earlier this year, but that looked much more like other illustrations. I only got the one view before it flew off.