Sunday 22 September 2013


Could someone help with this moth found resting on the wall at Parc Slip please - is it a treble-bar or a lesser?? Is treble-bar much commoner in glamorgan/south wales than lesser treble-bar? I gather that the tip of the abdomen can help with id but is that only with males?
Any tips appreciated - thanks.


  1. I'm not 100% certain, but it looks like a female, so the abdomen won't help you.

    Lesser TB is apparently scarcer in Glamorgan, and there are very few confirmed records - indeed most of the records that we had for the county were thrown out in the review.

    Personally I would put this one down as Treble-bar, not Lesser.

  2. I agree with Dave this looks more like Treble-bar. Good link here showing differences

  3. Agree with both above. The antimedian line (nearest head), isn't sharply angled in Treble-bar, however the angle of this line is acutely pointed in Lesser. Also the postmedian line (third cross-bar) tends to be darker in Lesser too. As DJS stated LT-b is as yet unproven in VC41.

    1. We do have a handful of Cox's specimens in the Museum from Taff's Well in about 1936. Nothing in the modern era though.

  4. Hi all,
    Thanks for your comments and id confirmation (and thanks for the link Barry)

  5. How remiss of me. One record found when we went through the collection in 2007 - I listed as in with Treble-bar specs. One for Little Garth 30.v.1933 [WEC]. Although there are 10 others on database without specimens, this is the only confirmed specimen with a VC41 prefix.