Thursday 26 September 2013

Llanbethery Moths

A pat on the back to the person who gets all correct (Mike, Sid & myself can't afford to buy chocolates) - Clue: the caterpillar is on spindle. Over 30 species recorded, some pics from Sid. [PP, MCP & DRWG]


  1. As no-one else has taken up the baton:

    Copper Underwing agg (I thought the markings on the palps had been proved unreliable as an ID feature?)

    Barred Sallow
    Vapourer (male)
    Endothenia quadrimaculana
    Pink-barred Sallow
    Scorched Carpet larva

  2. Well done George. I suppose the palps question on the Copper U/w is still open to debate, but both sets were present that evening. The tortrix was new for the Sq. and a nice surprise of the SC larva.

  3. George, these two Copper underwings were came to my trap, as the palps were different, i took them home to check the hindwings. The top photo was Copper and the second photo was Svenssons.

  4. Also, a pristine Rosy footman was a surprise.